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Canon C100 Still In Use

I have a habit of never getting rid of good gear. I bought a C100 when it was launched and it was a good workhorse for a while - but it has rarely seen any activity since I got the Sony FS5.

Fortunately I kept it. Then a good filmmaking friend contacted me recently (in a bit of a panic!) 2 days before an important shoot in Manchester. It seems he had been let down by a camera hire company up there and needed another Canon Cinema body to complement his, ideally with the DPAF upgrade (which mine has) and a fast, semi-wide lens with IS for the job. The Canon 24mm IS that I got off eBay late last year fitted the bill.

I babysit my gear/look after it well but he's someone I trust so I was more than happy to hire the items to him at the going rate along with 3 batteries and a fist-full of Sandisk cards.

Job done and panic over! I knew there was a good reason to keep that c100!