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Sony FS5 Test Film - Vortex Picture Profile and 4K 'End-to-End' Workflow

I was so pleased with the firmware update to the Sony kit lens that about 10 days ago I used a spare few hours to shoot more FS5 test shots in some beautiful locations about an hours drive from where I live. Shot in 4K on a glorious, hot spring day (mid-week to avoid the crowds) in some of my often visited/much loved North Norfolk locations: Wells-next-the-Sea, Blakeney, Cley-next-the-Sea, Burnham Overy Staithe and finally Burnham Mill.

Shot to test a variety of things, but primarily: 4K end-to-end workflow, Vortex FS5 Pro picture profile, using zebras set at 95%, Sony 18-105mm G lens (with image stabilisation on throughout and, of course, its latest V0.3 firmware) and effectiveness of using only a monopod for fast paced work in 4K - only one shot was hand-held. Next time I'll lug my lovely but much heavier Vinten 3AS around - would have enabled some nice pan shots too! More technical details are on the end screen of the 4K film that's embedded below.

Not all viewers have the internet connection speed, browser, hardware/software systems that support 4K natively. I've embedded the YouTube 4K version above but there is a Full HD version on my YouTube Channel
HERE. I've also embedded a 4K Vimeo version in the FS5 & Letus Helix Jr page HERE (which also has some other updated FS5 information) and it can be viewed directly on Vimeo HERE.

As an observation, even with my very fast 'BT Infinity' fibre to cabinet internet connection (typical 80Mbps max, but much lower in peak times), I still often get buffering when playing 4K video, which is why I doubt I'll be delivering 4K to my clients regularly anytime soon! Shooting in 4K and editing then delivering in HD (with the advantages of cropping in/re-framing when needed) is likely to remain my main route/how I've been using the FS5 in my corporate film work so far. Of equal importance, it's also a lot faster editing that way than on a 4K time line, even on my high spec new Mac Pro based system (again, more technical details at the end of the film above).