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Film Work Supporting Magpas Air Ambulance

Over the last few years I have devoted a considerable amount of time (free of charge of course) to help promote the life saving work Magpas Air Ambulance do using the power of video on the web - and occasional snippets on TV news too. Basically, I am their official Video Sponsor and this involves me periodically going to their heli-base at RAF Wyton to interview doctors, paramedics and sometimes former patients - and even the occasional supportive celebrity. They need to raise millions of pounds a year in charitable donations to pay for the helicopter etc. and video has become an important part of getting their message across powerfully and succinctly.

When I'm on base you never know when a shout will come in but things certainly move fast when it does! I've been out on observer shifts (day and night) filming the crew in action and it's certainly a real privilege to be able to document these dedicated professionals. I even got to drive the rapid response BMW once (
sans "Blues & Twos" though! - from Peterborough to Papworth Hospital in a repositioning move) whilst the medical team took care of the patient. She was transported to Papworth rather rapidly via other means and needed to go straight into theatre on arrival.

So far I've produced nearly 20 short films for Magpas Air Ambulance - see some on their
website. I've put a few selected ones are also on our What We Do - Video Examples page too. And below is a recent 60-second one:

Final, here's a snapshot of a recent Magpas post on Facebook showing me (it's rare I'm in shot!) setting up for an interview for some soundbites which will be used in an action packed new film I'm currently working on.

Magpas FB Post for website