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Repeat Client Business

I've been running Shooting Image Ltd for 10 years now, producing business video content for a huge range of clients not only around Cambridge but all over the UK - and many of them keep coming back for more!

I think the primary reason is that, once they have seen just how effective well produced video can help their business, they "get it". They then find it much easier to see other great opportunities for using video for their business. Some of the things businesses often use video for are outlined

Another factor is that, having been through the process once, they now know much more about what's involved and how I work with them to turn an idea (theirs or mine, or often a combination of both) into reality. This experience helps clients realise that (in the hands of a professional) it's actually very much easier than they might have imagined. A big factor in that is the wealth of experience that I bring to the process - you can read about that
HERE - but also that I'm a very good communicator and extremely organised.

Some big clients are so regular that they almost regard me as a member of their corporate team! For those I'm producing video content for both internal and external communications. Others keep coming back to me, say every 1-2 years since the last crop of video work, typically when they want fresh films to promote products or services they are launching. Others only use me occasionally, but always come back because they know I'm good value for money, reliable and deliver the quality they expect. My current "dwell time" record with a client is one who last used me 6 years ago - I was working again with them in Cambridge last month. Sometimes I get clients back that have "strayed" to other video producers around Cambridge or elsewhere - and then come back when they want it doing again well!

The bottom line is that if provide a really good, no nonsense and well priced service for your clients they'll always come back for more.