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Shooting Image Ltd is successful video production company with a wealth of video production and other experience behind it. As you can see by exploring this website, I’ve helped satisfy the video needs of a growing list of important clients, locally, nationally and even internationally. But where did it begin?

After completing my PhD in 1987 I worked for Dalgety PLC in the UK (1988 to 1997) and DuPont in the USA (1997 to 2008) as a Scientist/Technologist, Manager, Troubleshooter and as an Independent Consultant in a specialist technical field.  I have several scientific publications, including US/EU and global patents and have won awards for my work, etc. - basically a veritable track record of achievement behind me. This is in both the corporate environment (where I initiated and led large multi-national technical projects) and a self-employed consultative environment.

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Whilst working at DuPont I worked with over 50 companies globally. I was also travelling many 100,000s of miles by air every year - not as glamorous as it sounds! I worked with people from different cultures and professions (technical, marketing, senior management, shift operators, labourers - i.e., from factory floor to top level). I’ve worked extensively in pilot plants, laboratories, universities, research institutes and many high tech (and some very low tech!) factories in North, Central and South America, Europe and Australia. Fantastic fun and a real privilege - but it was time to move onto something new.
The economic downturn in the USA in 2008 gave me a welcome chance of a career change and a way to spend more time back in the UK with my family.  I’ve always tried to be at the forefront of technology and saw the web video revolution coming. I've been interested in video all my life and wanted to be even more active in this field and so I formed Shooting Image Ltd.

Now more than a fifteen years on, I’m running a successful video production company and loving every minute of it. This is because I’m always working with new people and helping them get their messages across in interesting and varied ways. These people trust me with their individual as well as corporate image and that’s a responsibility I take very seriously too.

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If you watch some of my
EXAMPLE videos and feel there is an opportunity I can help you realise, then please CONTACT me to discuss further. I live and work in the beautiful city of Ely just north of Cambridge but, as you already now know, Shooting Image Ltd can and do work effectively anywhere.

Dr Andy K Wilkinson
Shooting Image Ltd