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2022 & We're Still in Business!

Well, here we are in 2022! This marks the 14th year I've been running Shooting Image Ltd. Sure, the last two years have been tough (for all of us) but we're still in business and new work is coming in all the time.

This week and onwards I'm filming and editing content for a company in St Ives which need more than a dozen 'How-to' videos for their website. I've other work in the pipeline, including a few projects that clients put on ice during the pandemic which I'm hoping will restart in the Spring.

I got COVID-19 last year (early November 2021 - so likely Delta) despite being double jabbed (AstraZeneca). Sure, it was unpleasant but being fit and in good health and not overweight it was (fortunately for me) no worse than the bout of 'flu I got about 20 years ago. I'm now boosted (Pfizer) too so, all being well, things can only look up!

So here's to a much better 2022!