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August 2020

Rycote Invision Video Mini Review

I bought this brand new design of on-camera shotgun microphone support after 2 successive failures of my Rode NT-SM3 shock mounts (the plastic becomes brittle on the Rode’s and then fractures around the tightening screw). Not good in front of a paying client as I found out - twice!
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Rycote S Series 330 Mini Review

I bought this Rycote S Series 300 (mine’s the 330 variant to accommodate the length of my Rode NTG-3) just after it’s launch.
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Fostex FR2-LE Mini Review

Overall this is a great bit of kit for anyone who is serious about capturing good sound.
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Canon C100

At the end of August 2012 Canon announced the C100. Below is my reasoning of why, within 24hrs of this announcement, I had put in a pre-order for the Canon C100.
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Sony PMW300 Mini Review

In June 2013 Sony announced the PMW-300, the upgraded replacement for one of the main tools that I’ve been using the previous five and a half years, the PMW-EX3. In January 2014 I bought one for use in my corporate video business here in the Cambridge UK area. If you want to know why read on!
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Sony FS5 With Letus Helix Junior Gimbal

When Sony launched the PXW-FS5 on 11th September 2015 at IBC it looked like a Canon C100 MkII killer to me! So I pre-ordered one straight away, along with a Metabones MkIV EF to NEX adapter. Whilst I awaited it’s arrival, I also imported a new Letus Helix Jr. direct from the USA too.
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