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The Sony FS5 firmware upgrade and BVE 2016

Sony have been rather good to FS5 owners recently. They not only quickly identified the main image tearing/blockiness issues people were complaining about in the launch firmware but then announced that a firmware fix would come before the end of February. And sure enough, on 26th February V 1.11 software was available. I upgraded mine that morning (took about 12-15 minutes - make sure you back up all your cams settings as it'll default everything to ex-factory type ones). V1.11 seems to have solved the issue really well, judging by many test films I've seen since then on various websites (I've not had much time to test my own FS5 with V1.11 yet simply due to current work schedule commitments). All in all, nice job Sony!

Still with Sony, last week I visited BVE at ExCeL with a film-making friend that I sometimes sub some film work to (especially if it's in London where he's based). It was strange not to see a main Sony stand at BVE. Come to think of it, it was strange not to see a CVP stand at BVE either! Both are normally huge stands…Not sure if we will see other regular (and typically major exhibitors) pull out in future years - I certainly hope not. I always find looking and handling gear at shows like BVE an important part of deciding if I'm going to buy something (or not). This year it sealed the deal on a Dedolight DLED4 Bi-Colour (now on order) that I've been coveting for quite a while. In previous years I've bought an Atomos Blade, various LED Bi-colour lights, microphones and a superb Vinten tripod after "road testing" them all at BVE, to name just a few items.