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Sony FS5 4K - Testing Canon 35mm F2 IS

Shot in a spare 2-3 hours around Ely on a hazy spring day to quickly test my new Canon 35mm F2 IS. Sony PXW-FS5 in 4K with Metabones MKIV EF to NEX Lens Adapter.

All shots were (deliberately) only with this lens and (again deliberately) hand-held - but even with image stabilisation I felt I had to stabilise a lot of them in post (edited in 4K with Adobe CC on a new Mac Pro). Using a 1.53x crop factor calculation I found the approx. 54mm FOV (frame of view) with this lens on the FS5 a bit challenging/too tight for some shots - I often wanted it wider. One shot (the sundial) was with Clear Image Zoom at maximum reach (1.5x in 4K mode on the FS5).

I have a Metabones Speedbooster Ultra on order which will give me a 38mm FOV with this lens (0.71x) and that should be more or less ideal for a walk-about fixed, fast prime for my needs. One other note. On a couple of shots I ramped up the Variable ND to try and get a shallow DOF but in the bright light I typically could open the Iris no wide than about F3.5.

This will be my last test with Firmware V1.11 on the FS5. Moving on up to V2.00 this weekend :-)