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Metabones Speedbooster Ultra T Arrives

My Metabones Speed Booster Ultra T finally arrived this last week. I ordered it a while back from Wex Photographic in Norwich as they were (at £529 including VAT and free delivery - link HERE) considerably cheaper than CVP's price listing - at least at the time I ordered it. Note: CVP is currently listing it at £614.46 inc VAT.

Very busy with corporate work at the moment so all I've had time to do was to make sure it worked OK on my FS5 and it's already been pressed into action. Nothing I can share due to an NDA. Very pleased with the extra flexibility (1 stop faster, plus 0.71x wider FOV) it gives with the three Canon EF lenses I have - My lovely, sharp, yet not too heavy Canon 70-200mm F4 IS, wonderful Canon 100mm Macro F2.8 (Hybrid) IS and of course the Canon 35mm F2 IS, featured just a couple of weeks ago below in this blog.

Along with the standard Metabones MkIV adapter (which I bought when I first got the FS5 to use with both my EF-S and EF lenses) it's like having a a few new lenses in the kit bag! Link
HERE to CVP's listing on that one, currently at £307.80 inc VAT. Note: Cheaper than Wex Photographic's current price for it (£349 inc VAT).

I only buy from reputable suppliers - but I always shop around amongst them!