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Video Production During COVID & Post Lockdown Plans

Well, I made it! Despite being a small Limited Company with little government support I've managed to keep producing a trickle of filming jobs over the last 12 months during the three Lockdowns. Albeit they were mostly small 'editing only' jobs. But the future's looking good and a number of new and postponed but now re-confirmed projects are in the pipeline for when Lockdown 3 eases this Spring.

Lockdown 1: One job was to produce a virtual exhibition for a major London art gallery to showcase the work of a UK artist whose exhibition had been set up in a Cathedral - which was then closed to public access immediately at the start of this Lockdown. When it went live the artist phoned me to thank me for producing such a superb job.

Lockdown 2: During this one I did a number of small editing jobs for several multinationals, mostly clients based in the EU that I've worked with regularly over the last decade. These have ranged from editing supplied phone clips into watchable videos (for things like team project reviews) to producing a number of virtual training videos in more than one language. These had subtitles in that language too - which required me to brush up on my (more than slightly rusty!) listening and written French.

Lockdown 3: In this one I also managed to do some actual filming - in a COVID secure way of course! This was for 2 clients in Cambridge during the back end of 2020 and into early 2021 and involved the installation of some pretty amazing technology in a new HQ building. Those films should go live soon. Also, during Lockdown 3 I've been busy quoting (for both new and regular clients) and re-confirming a number of video jobs that were postponed due to the pandemic. So when it's finally all over this Spring/early Summer I'm likely to get busy again!

Whilst most of 2020 (my 12th year in business) was a bit of a nightmare, I'm fortunate in that no one in my immediate family and circle of friends succumbed to COVID. It was a tough year and my turnover's probably the worst I've seen since my very first year of operating way back in 2008. However, as I enter my 13th year of running Shooting Image Ltd it's all starting to look a lot better! In fact, so much so, that I'm seriously considering some significant equipment purchases and upgrades soon.