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Some Compliments!

As we begin to approach the season of goodwill I've been fortunate enough to receive a few lovely compliments recently.

One lady said this:

"Thanks again for everything. It was a real pleasure working with you, such a consummate professional in every regard. As with all expert professionals you made it all look and seem so easy and seamless while producing absolutely fantastic results. I will certainly be recommending you."

Another guy gave me this:

"I have to compliment you on your demo reel. It is one of the best corporate reels I have ever seen. No flash and drama, no cherry picked beauty shots all over it. Straight forward and honest. It is about you and your way of doing business, very respectable."

And I've just had this from a Cambridge's the type of reaction I get often...don't they realise I really do know what I'm doing!!! Ha ha!

"I have watched the full video now and we are very pleased with it! It will be going out this week on social media and some agent websites. Thank you so much, the final cut is better than I ever thought it would be!"