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Using Video on Social Media

Many of you have seen the explosion in video use on social media occur over the last few years to increase customer engagement. Here's a few insights into a couple of recent campaigns I've produced video content for.

Two examples, drawn from non-commercial work - just so that I can share some of the data with you.

The first is a Magpas Air Ambulance campaign that ran during the last month of 2017. I produced 5 very short (under 20 second) videos that were pushed out across Facebook and Twitter with the aim of encouraging donations to this charity. During Dec 2017 these videos got a total of 241,000 views (141,ooo on Twitter and 100,000 on Facebook). Not bad at all! The charity also shared with me the sum of money that these videos helped raise. Let's just say it was well worth the time and effort I donate to them (gratis) as their Official Video Sponsor!

The second example was for the Ely Hero 2018 Awards. I produced a short overview video (under 120 second) that was YouTube embedded into the main Ely Hero website (see it below) and then a number of short (typically well under 60 second) videos. The videos featured two sponsors, two of the 2017 winners (on what it meant to be nominated and then win their category) and two judges. These again went out on Facebook and Twitter, this time over a 6-week long campaign. The aim was to raise awareness about the awards and encourage people to nominate someone for one of the categories before the closing date.

The website embedded video achieved very modest views (220) during the period - I admit, I was a little disappointed in that. However, there were almost 2,000 views of the individual videos on Facebook alone during the 6 weeks, as shown in an extract of the Facebook analytics that Naomi, the Ely Hero organiser, has shared with me.

EHA Facebook Views 600

I've also now received some of the Twitter data. What I do know is that, this year, they have had a very significant increase in the number of nominations. Local awareness, interest and engagement around Ely with this community focussed campaign has been significantly stronger too. In fact, in the first 4 weeks of the campaign alone there were over 61,000 views ("engagements" in Twitter speak), albeit not all of them directly related to Tweets with the actual videos - but impressive non the less! Here's a snapshot of some of that data below. The campaign launched on 5th March 2018.

EHA Tweet Stats Mar 600

The videos were without doubt a big factor in all this awareness and overall this must benefit those businesses who were kind enough to sponsor the 2018 Ely Hero Awards. I got a lovely review from Naomi after the campaign finished too!

Testimonial 5 Naomi Extract 720p