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How to Use Video Effectively for Business

The massive increase in using video for business promotional uses on the web continues. Here are some insights into how to do it effectively.

Why Use Video for Business?

1. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when they read it in text (Ref: Insivia).

2. Almost half (49%) of web traffic is now on mobile devices (Google - figures for the first half of 2019). Watching video on such devices is easier than scrolling through text on small screens.

3. As well as improving Google rankings, viewers spend almost twice as long on websites with video compared to those without - that’s more time absorbing information the video conveys about your business, products and/or services.

I cover some other aspects of why it's good to use video to promote your business on this web page

Video That Gets Results?

I’ve written before
HERE about this and different approaches work for different types of businesses. Make sure you use video in a considered and highly targeted way. A bad video could damage you and your business reputation whilst a good one will help gain new customers and retain existing ones. An effective video will encourage potential customers to contact you.

Video for Website?

If you value your company image and want to ensure you come across professionally, then you’ll best attract ideal customers with the help of an experienced videographer. If your business has several distinct areas, a short, welcoming overview video on the homepage might be best, supplemented with further short videos about each of your key offerings on their appropriate webpages.

Video for Social Media?

If you’re a small/new business and most of your potential customers access your content via various social media channels, then amateur/self-produced video may be a good start point until you’re able to budget for professional help. More detail about using video for social media can be found in
THIS blog post.

Creating Numerous Videos Cost Effectively?

One (increasingly in demand) approach is to use a videographer to create well structured professional videos for your website. Then, from these, lots of very short, edited extracts can be produced. These can then be ‘drip-fed’ onto social media channels in a targeted marketing campaign. These videos will help channel traffic back to your website and so grow your brand, reach and Google ranking. A little more background about how these can be created cost effectively is outlined in
THIS blog post.

Don’t underestimate the power of video - use it, but use it well.