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Creating Short Video Extracts For Social Media

Clients wanting business videos for their website increasingly want short, stand alone, video extracts specifically for use on their branded social media too. And the good news is that these can be created very efficiently (and so cost effectively) from the main website video.

To get the best results, it's all about planning ahead of the shoot. The way we typically produce them is by structuring the main (say a 2-minute) video into 'bite-sized' sections during the edit, with each section covering a specific point. That way, a relatively simple re-edit of the sections, perhaps with re-mixed low-level backing music and new top and tail screens results in a number of highly useful extracts. These 'bite-sized' chunks can be 30-45 seconds long - so 2 or 3, perhaps 4 are often able to be derived from the main video. It's rare that a meaningful message can be got across in under 30 seconds, but if it is simple and clear, it can be. However, I've yet to create any extracts of less than 20 seconds, except as "teaser" videos.

This is a terrific way to maximise the usefulness of their business video and I'm doing this kind of work for all sorts of clients, small and large, frequently. Of course, the extracts are often put out as part of a marketing campaign, perhaps because of a new service being launched, maybe a new website or perhaps to showcase a recent successful project.

Want to know more? Just get in touch and we can discuss details for your specific video needs.