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Welcome to our new web site!

Welcome to our new, responsive website! It should display well with all up to date devices and browsers - but will have a few minor limitations when using legacy Internet Explorer (8 to 11) and older Android browser systems. It's been quite a learning curve seeing how websites work on the ten+ different devices (Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets) that I've got easy access to - but I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out on most of them.

Almost all my work comes via recommendations but I do get some enquiries directly via the website. However, I built my last website in 2008 when I started Shooting Image Ltd and it grew like topsy over the years. In the end it had well over 100 pages, many with Flash videos - a no-no in the modern world where 60% of traffic is on mobiles/tablets.

The website's Google page ranking was also starting to suffer badly in recent months, ever since Google prioritised sites with responsive design in 2015. So, I finally found a week in my schedule to do the website build - and this is the result! The 'fluid video' resizing seems to work well for smaller device screens and all video hosting is now done via YouTube and Vimeo embedding - no more Flash!

There are still a few display and navigation things that need optimising/changing and these will be implemented over the next few weeks and months - as my understanding and scripting skills improve. In the meantime I hope you find the site interesting, informative and pleasant to use.

Finally, if you find any broken links etc. please just drop me an email - I think I've tested most things (a dozen times!) but there is always something that slips through the net! Many thanks!

Andy K Wilkinson PhD